Our Core Values

1. Honesty: It is a facet of moral character and connotes positive and virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfulness, loyalty and straightforwardness along with absence of lying or cheating. It is important on a personal level and a national level.

2. Responsibility & Accountability: We are a responsible person when we accept the results of the decisions we make. It is the state of fact of being accountable and answerable for our actions.

3. Sensitivity: We can be different in ways, lifestyle and opinion, however we care enough not just about each other but exihibit respect and love for fellow being and our mother earth. Being sensitive means we care more, love more, listen more and be more understanding of one another.

4. Pride in One’s Own culture: Our country stands for its culture and linguistic diversity, the endurance and hospitality of our people, coupled with patriotic sentiment. We respect and take inmense pride in our rich heritage.